mercredi 24 octobre 2012

No Setup Fee - Get Your Custom Phone

300x250 Stay Connected

Once upon the company's founding, CEO Christopher Rugh noticed that the most effective means for a company to gain communication from customers is the ease and accessibility of having a toll-free number. Toll free phone numbers for your business provides instant credibility as well as a residency within the area code of commerce. Even in today's day and age of Social Media and communication innovation, an 800 number is still THE vital connection between customers and consumers. For service and sales, regardless of company size toll free numbers is the ultimate connection: one that allows your customers to call you from any place, under any service, to get the help they seek.
But not all toll-free numbers are the same. The world of 1800 numbers contains a very diverse customer base. One of many services which leads to many different needs for your business. Custom Toll Free, the national leader of toll free telephone number marketing, operates with the understanding that the best way to get a toll free number is one that best suits the business with the best possible ROI (return on investment).

$39 Nationwide Toll Free!
Custom Toll Free provides excellence in experience serving small, medium and large businesses looking to branch out or in some cases even rebrand their business image. Whether a block of toll free phone numbers for automated response and other services, a spotlight-selection service to distinguish yourself toward seeking your specific needs, and a vanity search feature so you can stand out with the rest of them. All these plus other features to help you optimize your services and provide the best bridge toward customer-communication is what sets Custom Toll Free apart from the rest, keeping you and your customers only a call away.

Setup is FREE - Vanity Toll Free Numbers Available From Custom Toll Free - Discount Code CJSUF35

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